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Tow Secure Charger CHR1000

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Tow Secure Charger

A ‘break-away’ system is compulsory on all trailers over 2,000kg GTM. Each state/territory has their own rules regarding their towing legalities. For example, all trailers registered in NSW are required to have a brake battery monitor fitted. This brake battery monitor need to be visible from the driver’s seat. Coast recommends contacting your local roads and traffic authority regarding your state’s towing legalities.

Product Description

The Tow Secure automatically applies the trailer brakes and the trailer stop lights in the event that the trailer separates from the tow vehicle. It comprises of a control module, a switch and a wireless receiver (this is housed on the dash so that the driver can monitor the brakes battery via LED and audible alarms). The control module performs a ‘self-test’ every time the tow vehicles’ engine is started to ensure everything is operable and whilst towing, an automatic battery test is carried out every 30 minutes. The control module can be paired with multiple wireless receivers – this may be required if the same trailer is towed by different vehicles.


  • Input: 100/240VAC ~ 50/60Hz Output: 15VDC ~ 1A Max.