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CARAVAN ACCESSORIES Phone: 0419 595 524 Email:

SPHERE CAT6 4G WiFi Router with GPS

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by Sphere


Introducing the Sphere CAT6 4G WiFi Router with GPS, the perfect companion for seamless internet connectivity on your travels.

Product Description

Designed to provide smooth and reliable internet access wherever you go, this advanced router takes your browsing experience to the next level. With an array of impressive features, it offers convenience, speed, and efficiency like never before.

  • Equipped with cutting-edge CAT6 technology, this router significantly enhances both your download and upload speeds. Say farewell to frustratingly slow connections and welcome a faster and more efficient browsing experience. Whether you're streaming a movie at the caravan park, keeping the kids entertained with an online game or catching up with relatives on a video call this router ensures that your internet connection remains swift and reliable.

  • One standout feature of the Sphere CAT6 4G WiFi Router is its in-built flash drive/hard drive sharing capability. Now, streaming movies, videos, and files directly from the router is a breeze. Say goodbye to concerns about consuming your precious data while enjoying your favourite multimedia content on the go. With this router, you can access and enjoy your files effortlessly, making your RV adventures even more enjoyable.

  • With the built-in Wi-Fi Extender feature, you can expand your connectivity options even further. By connecting to other Wi-Fi networks within range, you can reduce data consumption and take advantage of available networks for an enhanced browsing experience. Stay connected without worrying about exceeding your data limits or experiencing signal disruptions.

  • In addition to its impressive capabilities, this router offers hassle-free operation with its automatic SIM card APN detection. Simply insert your SIM card, and the router will automatically detect the appropriate access point name (APN) settings. No more manual configurations or technical headaches—this router makes setting up simple, allowing you to get connected quickly and easily.

Upgrade your internet experience today with the Sphere CAT6 4G WiFi Router with GPS. Enjoy the freedom of reliable connectivity, fast internet speeds, and convenient features that cater to your lifestyle. Whether you're a caravanner, a digital nomad, or someone who values a seamless internet experience, this feature-packed router is your perfect companion. Stay connected, explore the world, and unlock limitless possibilities with this exceptional device.



    • 12cm * 12cm * 3.5cm
    • Weight 600g



    • 200mA @ 12V.