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Sizzler Deluxe 2.0 Steel BBQ with High Lid with Flame Failure

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by Sizzler

The new Sizzler Deluxe 2.0 BBQ is an extremely versatile and compact cooking appliance, taking up less than half the space of most of its competitors! It is ideal to use when fitted in your “Tunnel Boot” on one of our Swivel Slides!

Product Description

The Sizzler Deluxe High Lid comes standard with a solid stainless-steel hot plate, flame failure device fitted to each burner and will cook for 4-6 people. It has been completely upgraded with some amazing new features:

Flame Failure (gas cut off protection): If your BBQ is to be connected to a reticulated gas supply (Bayonet fitting) on your Van, RV or camper trailer, it must now be fitted with a Flame Failure Device! The technical name for this is a “Thermo Coupler”. The Thermo Couplers job is to shut off the gas supply should the flame go out!

Stainless-Steel Hot Plate: to handle 21 megajoules of power!

Removable Feet: Our new Sizzlers come with removable feet, which can be height adjusted. Remove the feet for slide operation or adjust height to suit your table surface.

Upgraded Slides: Swivel and Straight Slides are now lockable and 500 mm deep! The extra 50mm allows the BBQ to be even further from your van, and can now be locked in the out position!


  • Cooks for 4-6 people
  • LPG, propane & natural gas
  • 2 Burners
  • Weight: 12 kg
  • BTUs: 20,000 or 21 megajoules
  • Dimensions: H 260mm x D 305mm x W 530mm
  • Cooking surface measures: D250mm x W440mm
  • R & D and AGA Approval so you can place it in a tunnel boot, or other cavities in a Caravan or RV!