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CARAVAN ACCESSORIES Phone: 0419 595 524 Email:

Nuova Mapa Swivel Aluminium Table Leg | Silver Anodized

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The Nuova Mapa Swivel Table Leg is a versatile and robust solution designed to transform your adventures. Crafted from high-quality Anodised Aluminium, this Italian-made table leg offers unparalleled durability and functionality.

Product Description

At the core of the Swivel Table Leg System is its nifty multi-point 360° adjustable swivel feature. This clever bit of kit lets you effortlessly spin the table in any direction, so you can kick back and enjoy your space just the way you like it. Whether you're enjoying a meal, working on your laptop, or simply relaxing, the Swivel Table Leg has your back, keeping things comfy and convenient.

Equipped with ratcheting locking arms, the Swivel Table Leg offers secure table positioning with easy adjustment. No more unstable tables - with the Swivel, you can effortlessly secure the table in your desired position. Variable height adjustability further enhances the Swivel's flexibility, meaning you can tailor it to fit your space perfectly.

Installation is simple with the Swivel Table Leg. The removable table top mount allows for quick and easy setup, while additional mounting bases are available for further mounting points, providing unmatched versatility to suit your specific needs.

Perfect for caravans, motorhomes, campers and boats the Swivel Table Leg is a trusted choice for use in your recreational vehicle. Its low weight of approximately 2.5 KG and sleek design make it a popular option for those seeking to maximise space without compromising on quality.


  • Multi-point 360° adjustable swivel table leg for maximum flexibility in any setting
  • Ratcheting locking arms ensure secure table positioning and easy adjustment
  • Variable height adjustability caters to diverse installation requirements, providing optimal positioning
  • Removable table top mount adds convenience, allowing for easy setup and storage
  • Additional mounting bases are available, offering the option for further mounting points to suit your specific needs


  • Weight: 2.5kg
  • Height Adjustment: 175mm
  • Low Position Height: 535mm
  • Top Position Height: 720mm
  • Mounting Base Width: 80mm
  • Mounting Base Length: 360mm
  • Top Mounting Plate 280 x 175mm
  • Load Capacity: 25kg

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