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Nemesis PRO Wheel Lock | FNPRO100

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by Nemesis

Keep your valuable asset safe and secure with the FullStop Nemesis Pro, specifically designed for caravans and camper trailers. Say goodbye to worries of theft and enjoy peace of mind with this unbeatable security solution.

Product Description

With an incredibly quick and easy installation process, the FullStop Nemesis Pro is perfect for anyone seeking top-notch protection for their caravan or camper trailer. The device uses a receiver nut to securely attach to the wheel, effectively covering your wheel nuts and preventing any unauthorized wheel removal.

The FullStop Nemesis Pro is designed to fit all-sized steel and alloy wheels, making it a versatile choice for various caravans and camper trailers. No matter your setup, rest assured that this device is tailored to safeguard your vehicle effectively. Crafted from hardened, high-strength composite steel, the FullStop Nemesis Pro is built to withstand the toughest challenges. Its 7-pin cylinder lock technology ensures resistance against cutting, picking, drilling, and freezing, providing maximum protection for your valuable possession.

We value your security, which is why the FullStop Nemesis Pro comes complete with three anti-copy tubular keys. With this feature, only you have access to your caravan or camper trailer, offering an additional layer of protection against potential breaches. Our signature Purpleline trait is evident in the FullStop Nemesis Pro's high-visibility design. Not only does this make your vehicle easily identifiable, but it also acts as a deterrent to potential thieves, reducing the risk of theft attempts.

Make a smart investment in the FullStop Nemesis Pro and enjoy the confidence of knowing your caravan or camper trailer is fortified against theft. With its remarkable features, such as effortless installation, receiver nut attachment, wheel nut cover, and robust composite steel construction, this device provides the ideal solution for safeguarding your valuable asset.


  • Super quick and easy installation
  • Uses a receiver nut to attach to the wheel
  • Covers your wheel nuts to prevent wheel removal
  • Suitable for all-sized steel and alloy wheels
  • Made from hardened, high-strength composite steel
  • 7-Pin cylinder lock resists cutting, picking, drilling and freezing
  • Includes 3 anti-copy tubular keys for added security
  • High-visibility – A Purpleline security trait!