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CARAVAN ACCESSORIES Phone: 0419 595 524 Email:

LCI Lippert Complete 12" Electric Brake Assembly Plate | Right or Left Hand

Original price $215.00 - Original price $215.00
Original price
$215.00 - $215.00
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Left or Right: Left - 853126


The Electric Brake Backing Plate sits inside the hub drum and holds the shoes, magnet, actuator levers, connections and mechanical handbrake.

Product Description

The backing plates magnet is attached to a lever which is connected to the shoes, when the magnet is electrified it sticks to the spinning hub drum which pulls the magnet in the same direction as the spinning hub.

As the magnet is attached to a lever that when pulled opens up the brake shoes to grip the spinning hub drum and slow down its momentum causing the trailer to brake. Another important function with the brake plate is the inclusion mechanical handbrake which is for when the trailer is parked, how it works is that is separate lever connected to the shoes & on the other end of this lever is a hole when you can connect the trailers park brake cable, when you activate your trailers hand brake this pulls on the lever which then opens the shoes providing your park brake.