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Coast RV Awning FLAP ELIMINATOR Kit | Small Black or White | 210 to 220cm

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$249.00 - $249.00
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Colour: White


Introducing the game-changing Coast RV Awning Flap Eliminator. Engineered to conquer wind flap and provide a waterproof anchor for awning walls and screens, this kit ensures a stress-free camping experience.

Product Description

Effortless to install with included brackets, the Awning Flap Eliminator features a full-length clamp that stabilizes awnings, reducing potential damage in gusty conditions. Its integrated sail tracks simplify wall attachment, delivering a wind and waterproof seal between the awning fabric and walls. Tailored for roll-out awnings, the Awning Flap Eliminator's smart design enhances awning stability, minimizes water pooling, and transforms outdoor spaces, adding serenity to your RV adventures.

The Coast RV Awning Flap Eliminator is not just about outstanding performance, it's also about value for money. We've crafted this kit to ensure it offers unbeatable value with a thoughtful addition - a convenient carry bag. With the included carry bag, setup and storage are easy, keeping you organized and ready for every camping trip.

Simplicity is key to enjoying your next RV Adventure to the fullest. That's why we've designed the Awning Flap Eliminator with effortless installation in mind. Equipped with fixing brackets and detailed instructions, setting up your awning becomes a stress-free experience, leaving you with more leisure time to savour the great outdoors.

Customization is essential to catering to your unique camping needs. The Coast RV Awning Flap Eliminator features an integrated 6mm sail track design, allowing you to easily attach walls, annexes, and other accessories.
Available in three sizes and two colours (black or white), this kit ensures a seamless fit with your awning, blending functionality and aesthetics to perfection.


Durable Protection and Coast RV Promise:
We understand the demands of RV adventures, and that's why the Awning Flap Eliminator is built to last. Its robust construction not only eradicates wind flap but also safeguards your awning from potential damage. Coast RV takes pride in delivering top-notch solutions, and our promise to you is one of innovation, durability, and customer satisfaction.

Upgrade Your Camping Experience:
With the Coast RV Awning Flap Eliminator, you're not just getting an anti-flap kit; you're getting a transformation in your camping lifestyle. Embrace a newfound sense of tranquillity and convenience. Picture cozy evenings under your awning, free from wind disruptions, and imagine a stress-free setup process that allows you to focus on what matters most - making memories.

The Coast RV Awning Flap Eliminator Difference:
• Unbeatable value with a complimentary carry bag.
• Effortless installation for more leisure time.
• Versatile design for enhanced customization.
• Perfect fit for a seamless match with your awning.
• Durable construction for long-lasting protection.
• Coast RV's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Choose the Coast RV Awning Flap Eliminator today and elevate your RV Adventures to new, flap-free heights!


  • Small - 210 to 220cm

     Includes storage bag