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CARAVAN ACCESSORIES Phone: 0419 595 524 Email:

BMPRO/SETEC - 300A External Shunt. BC300 Commlink

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The BMPRO BC300 External Shunt and CommLink device provides wireless battery monitoring for high current BatteryPlus35 and J35 systems. It communicates with the units via Bluetooth and CAN BUS. The addition of the BC300 External Shunt and CommLink to J35 battery management systems allows high current loads to be directly connected to the battery via the BC300 External Shunt. This enhances the system behaviour with temperature monitoring of the battery for greater protection. It also provides correct battery information on the control screens.

BC300 maintains Time Remaining and State of Charge determination of the battery even at high currents and with directly connected loads. BC300 is designed for 12V batteries up to 800Ah in capacity. The shunt is rated for ±240A of continuous current and transmits monitored data wirelessly.


  • Output: 0.9/3.0/4.0 Amps
  • Input: 240V, 50Hz
  • Battery Size: 12-12 Ah
  • Battery Type: Lead Acid, LiFePO4
  • Battery Chemistry: AGM, Gel, Calcium or Wet, LiFePO4
  • Charger Type: Multi-stage
  • Power Supply Mode: 12V


Do I need a BC300?

A BC300 is required for any load or separate charge source going directly to the battery.                                

Below is a list of items that are fitted directly to batteries in caravans:                                     

 Inverters (of any size), diesel or gas heaters, air compressors, portable solar panel, DC/DC chargers (in any brand), additional fridges, Wi-F, satellite TVs, additional high amp 12v plugs (Anderson plugs, 50amp, 80amp, 100amp, 150amp), additional lighting, electric steps, slideouts, electric water pumps electric jacks, winches.           

Is the BC300 hard to install?

The BC300 is not hard to install. You will need to disconnect the battery. There are instructions on how to disconnect the battery in your BP35/J35 user manual.                                           

Once the battery is disconnected, the installation is very straight forward. Follow the instructions in your BC300 user manual.  

Does the BC300 have its own app, like the BatteryCheck range?

The BC300 does not have its own app. The BatteryCheck range and the BC300 are two different products for two different applications.

The BatteryCheck was designed as a stand-alone app as a wireless battery monitor, while the BC300 was designed as an addition to use with the BP35 and J35 range of battery management systems to allow excessive loads from the battery to be monitored through your caravan’s digital display.

How far is the range of the BC300 and the CommLink?

Both units can communicate to each other 25 meters away from one another in open sight.