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Caravan Theft in Australia is Soaring

Caravan Theft in Australia is Soaring

Have you ever done a Google search of "Caravan Thefts in Australia"?  It yields a whopping 4,990,000 results. These results encompass various resources such as police efforts to retrieve stolen caravans, databases for stolen caravans, news articles about stolen caravans, ideas to prevent caravan theft and much more. It's estimated that between 400 to 600 caravans and camper trailers are stolen each year in Australia, with a large percentage never being returned to their owners.

For most of us, owning a caravan or camper trailer is a significant investment that we make after purchasing our home and car. In a small way, it can make us feel like we are finally in a position to reward our family and ourselves for working hard. After all, life isn’t all about hard work, it’s also about fun, play and enjoying the family. So, imagine finally purchasing your dream van, only to return to your campsite and discover that it has disappeared.

In today's world, thieves have become increasingly sophisticated, requiring caravan and camper trailer owners to exercise more caution.

 Listed below are seven crucial steps to take in order to deter theft of your caravan or camper trailer:

  1. Insurance:

When I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s my folks didn’t have much, so insurance was only taken out on the house, in case it burnt down and on the old VW in case we crashed into a Rolls Royce. My Dad would say that if a burglar ever ransacked our humble abode, they'd leave behind a $5 note on the kitchen counter out of pity for our lack of riches.  

Today life is different, for better or worse, we own expensive things. Make sure you are aware of what it will cost to replace your caravan. Stay informed about the current market values of caravans and camper trailers, to ensure that you have adequate insurance coverage in case your van gets stolen. This will help you replace your stolen van with a new equivalent one, without any financial burden.

  1. Install a Wheel Clamp:

Use a high quality wheel clamp. The Nemesis Wheel Clamp is probably one of the best available in the market. It's made from specially hardened steel and is designed to fit around and lock onto your wheels, preventing your caravan or camper trailer from being towed away. It comes with a 9-lever barrel lock from Lowe and Fletcher and is resistant to picking, drilling, and gas freezing. It's suitable for use on steel and alloy wheels ranging from 10” to 20” and can accommodate tyres from 14.5cm to 27.5cm in width.

If the Nemesis Wheel Clamp is out of your budget, consider purchasing a less expensive wheel clamp. Outback Vagabond carries a very affordable wheel clamp that is suitable for wheels between 13" - 15” with a tyre width of 25.5cm.

  1. Install a Hitch Lock:

A hitch lock is an additional device that you should use, together with your  wheel clamp, to decrease the chance of caravan theft. A hitch lock is a device that fits over the coupling of your caravan's hitch, making it more difficult for thieves to hitch it up and drive away.

There are 3 hitch locks that we recommend, dependant on the type of hitch that you have on your caravan or camper trailer:

  • Caravan Saracen Hitch Lock Australian V2 SHL100-2: Made from specially hardened, high tensile steel, the Saracen is a highly secure hitch lock that is resistant to cutting and drilling. It is a quick and easy to fit and prevents your caravan from being hitched up to a tow vehicle. It also has a Lowe and Fletcher lock, which is resistant to picking and freezing. The Saracen comes with two keys and is suitable for use on most Australian caravan coupling hitches. Compatible with the following hitches: Alko, Trigg Boss, Meher, Trojan and some other  standard Australian hitches.
  • Gull Wing Euro Hitch Lock FHL555: Designed to fit Alko stabilizer hitches AKS2004 and AKS3004, found predominantly on European RVs such as Bailey, Swift and Adria. It is highly secure, easy to fit and takes a couple of minutes to install.  The Gullwing can be fitted to a van whether it is hitched or not. It comes in a bright orange colour to make thieves see it and move along.
  • Saracen Ultra Hitch Lock SHL300: The Saracen Ultra Hitch Lock is engineered to fit 50mm ball hitches commonly found in Australia, and can be secured when in the hitched and unhitched states. Saracen Ultra suits any trailer with a standard 50mm ball hitch, including boat and work trailers, caravans and camper trailers, horse floats, box trailers, car and motorcycle trailers, any trailer at all. Saracen Ultra is made from specially hardened high strength steel which is resistant to cutting and drilling. For maximum security, it incorporates a high-security, 7-pin barrel lock, resistant to picking, drilling and gas freezing.  
  1. Alternatively purchase a Wheel Clamp and Hitch Lock Kit:

Alternatively, a very good option is the purpleline anti-theft pack which comes with both a wheel clamp and a hitch lock. It includes the Samurai Universal Wheel Clamp and the Saracen Caravan and Trailer Hitch Lock, both featuring Purple Line's tough, 7-pin locking mechanism and rugged metal construction. The units are keyed alike for convenience and come in a slim carry bag that's easy to store when travelling. The Samurai wheel clamp can fit tyre widths of 145 to 275 and is suitable for both on and off-road wheels. The Saracen hitch lock is a high-security lock that is quick and easy to fit and is compatible with standard 50mm Australian ball hitches. It is made from high-strength composite materials.   

  1. Install a Jockey Wheel Clamp Anti-Theft Lock:

A Jockey Wheel Clamp Anti-Theft Lock, is a lock that prevents the jockey wheel being stolen or moved. If the thieves can’t move the jockey wheel, then they will have a lot of trouble towing the caravan away. The best Jockey Wheel Clamp Lock in the market is made by Trail-a-Mate. This easy to install anti-theft lock is designed to secure your expensive jockey wheel from being stolen and moved. 


  1. Caravan Trailer Cop Anti-Theft Coupling Lock:

The "Trailer Cop" coupling lock is an excellent anti-theft device that expands within your coupler, preventing thieves from towing your trailer away. This ball-type trailer lock is designed to deter theft and protect your valuable asset from being stolen. Suitable for use on 50mm couplers, it’s easy to install, taking just minutes.


  1. Install a GPS tracker:

Installing a GPS tracker is another effective way of preventing your caravan or camper trailer from theft. The GPS allows you to track the location of your caravan in real-time on your mobile phone. If your van is stolen, first report the theft to the police and assist them by showing the location of your van with the GPS app. Don’t approach your van yourself as this could lead to you being assaulted by the thieves. Some tracking systems can also detect movement of your caravan or camper trailer and apply the brakes, thereby preventing it from being towed.

      8. Don’t leave valuables in your caravan:

It's not enough to secure your van from the outside; you also need to take precautions to safeguard your belongings inside. Don't leave valuables in your caravan when you're not using it. Thieves are more likely to target caravans that contain expensive items, such as televisions, laptops, and jewellery. If you need to leave items in your caravan, make sure they are hidden from view and locked away securely.

      9. Be vigilant

Be vigilant when using your caravan. Keep an eye out for any suspicious activity and report anything unusual to the police. Thieves are more likely to target caravans that are unoccupied, so try to avoid leaving your caravan unattended for long periods. When you are not using your caravan or camper trailer, park it close to your home, or in at a 24/7 monitored, secured site.


By taking the above precautions you can rest easy on  your holiday, knowing you don’t have to think about your Caravan, Camper Trailer, Boat or Trailer being stolen. Enjoy your well deserved holiday everyone.

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